Here’s a Quick Tip: DON’T Skip Your First Days in College

While skipping classes in college is almost a "rule" when it comes to the college student life, know this -- you're playing with fire. Although your skin's fireproof and all that matters is the notes, the lecture recordings, and even online services, make no mistake: your presence in that lecture hall or classroom does matter (at least for a portion of the semester!).

Why Shouldn't I Skip the First Days in College?

In particular, your classes is what we're talking about. Don't whine. You've got to stick out those first few days in class for a number of reasons. One, that's when you get your syllabus. And don't think you can get one later and be on track. Some college professors are wicked enough to give you the "don't have any more copies and you should've been here for the first day of class" speech, which will make you feel like you're back in kindergarten. Get started off on the right foot, please.

Additionally, many college professors will often fill you in on the entire semester right on the first day of class. It's about student preparation. You'll know what to expect and potentially know what you could possibly skip, if need be, without losing much information at all. This is where the responsibility factor comes in play. Know what's in store and make the appropriate decisions as a college student. One of many pieces of advice you can get to improve your college life.

Or Else You'll Find Yourself Trying to Catch Up

It's important to know that these college professors will move at lightning speed. So keep up. Whenever you miss any class session, you'll be bringing up the rear, and that's not a fun place to be as a college student. If you need to skip some class sessions, do so -- but above all else throughout the semester, never neglect those first days in the classroom. They're the most crucial.