Your Academic Adviser Is Your Guardian Angel

You're going to need that guardian angel, too. College isn't easy, and we're not just talking about the source material to learn in the lecture hall. It can be intimidating. You move into that college dorm, wondering if you need that printer or computer with you, and there are you thrusted into the life of a college student wondering what resources you can use to your advantage. You're in charge, and that's a petrifying thought.

That's Where the Academic Adviser Comes in

Some think that you see the academic adviser at the very beginning of the semester of every single year. That's true. But don't just leave it at that! Your academic adviser is your invaluable resource, practically 24/7, capable of receiving email from you, and just a mere phone call away. Their job is to advise you on your future with your education. They're not a one-stop, glad-to-see-you, let's-hope-for-the-best CPA for your taxes or whatever!

Planning out your education's hard enough. What classes do you need to take? Where do you start? What are your alternatives. Nobody knows the plan and schedule of a particular degree better than that academic adviser, so to ensure you don't waste any of your hours and study time, check in with your adviser every once in awhile just to check in and be sure you're on the right track. Ask that adviser if this or that class would satisfy this or that prerequisite. Ask any questions you may have. Don't be afraid to be naive.

After All, This Is College

And you're on your own. Might as well use as many resources as you possibly can get your hands on. Your first resource, undoubtedly, should be that academic adviser.